Congenital/Structural Heart Intervention

Care Provided By Dr. Kenny

Our team is committed to providing the most effective, least invasive therapy for congenital heart lesions.

We have extensive experience with keyhole closure of atrial septal defects using the softest occlusion devices available to minimise potential longer-term interaction between the device and the heart. We can provide this therapy without the need for full general anaesthesia using echo catheters to guide the procedure.

We have also published widely on implantation of stents to treat lung artery narrowing in adults and aortic narrowing, termed coarctation of the aorta. We have developed a particular interest in keyhole valve replacement, especially in the pulmonary and tricuspid position, and again have published papers in scientific journals on both procedures, using a wide number of valve types to ensure our patients receive the best valve for their needs.

Our team have developed less invasive “hybrid” procedures working in close collaboration with our surgical colleagues to ensure the best outcomes with the least invasive approaches.

Congenital/Structural Heart Intervention Services

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